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    Bully Max is proud to announce the release of Bully Max Powder Plus! All of the awesome benefits of Bully Max, and then some! Bully Max owners occasionally asked us for a powder form of the product. Some customers prefer to mix the product with a bit of water along with their dog food. This […]

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    Bully Max proudly sponsors Fador. Bully Max is veterinarian designed, approved, and recommended for all breeds of dogs ages 7 weeks and older. Build muscle, add size, and provide your dog with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that promote health, muscle, and strong immune system. Bully Max Dog Supplements provide an effective immune system which […]

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    Many people grew up with a dog in the household at some point, but most of these dogs were mutts – mixed-breed dogs from shelters, friends’ litters, or even the street. Raising a mixed-breed dog is usually relatively easy, as long as there are no major genetic conditions, but raising a purebred dog is very […]

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Bully Max Canine Muscle Building Supplement and Vitamins for Dogs

Bully Max muscle supplements for dogs are veterinarian designed to muscle lean build, add mass, and ensure your dog reaches their absolute greatest level of fitness and health.

Bully Max provides the following powerful benefits: • A better and more defined Muscle Build • Extend Endurance during dog sports (Dock Jumping, protection work, weight pulling, ext) • A Faster Recovery time after long workouts • Better Oxygen Delivery (Important for bulldog breeds) • Build Muscle • Essential Vitamins that are designed to raise your dog's health and immune system • Ideal for K9 Athletes and dogs that participate in dog shows and sports • Ideal for dogs that have a hard time keeping on weight • Ideal for dogs needing too add lean muscle mass and healthy weight.

Bully Max is an all in one Dog Vitamin Supplement. This product contains natural and powerful ingredients. It does not contain any artificial flavors, or chemical preservatives. It is made from the highest grade products that are available on the market. It also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids that are essential ingredients for any quality supplement. Bully Max also contains quality protein and is an excellent source of additional calories in your dog's diet. Bully Max also contains essential nutrients that aid in a healthier skin and hair coats in dogs. With so many benefits, it no wonder Bully Max is a leader in the dog supplement industry.